Logo The National Council of NGOs


Structure of the NGOs Council

The NGOs Council governing structures are revisable to fit the developed system of the government as proposed in the new constitution.The services of the NGOs Council is critical at the county level as it is at the National level.

The Mandate

The mandate of the NGOs Council is self-regulation, capacity building, advocacy and representation of its members.

Sector Leadership

As a sector leader, the NGOs Councils responsibility is setting and upholding the highest ethical and professional standards.The integrity of its leadership, members and staff is paramount.

Networking and Partnerships

As a public service sector, the NGOs Council develops and sustains effective partnership with all stake holders and partners for service delivery.

Our Core Values


The NGOs Council shall strive to provide high quality services in a manner that is reliable, dependable and responsive to its members and the society as a whole.To achieve this, the council shall ensure that its activities and operations are at all times guided by the existing organisational policies, national laws, internationally recognized best practices and a culture of continuous learning and improvement.


The NGOs Council shall demonstrate honesty and truthfulness in all its affairs and dealings with others.


The NGOs council shall ensure that its decisions, services and all its other duties are done in a fair and equitable manner as guided by its internal policies and the law of Kenya.


The NGOs council shall promote the practice of recognizing and respecting diversity within the sector by leverage the unique individuals' background to collectively address the common goals.


The primary beneficiaries of the council are the community, NGOs and the government.