Logo The National Council of NGOs


Formulation of Monitoring and Evaluation mechanisms for all organizations to avoid duplication of activities/projects by various organizations

Building capacity for the regional and County NGOs Networks.

Provide Overall leadership to the NGO sector and the civil society in general.

Champion the values of probity, transparency, accountability, justice and Good gorvernance.

Enhance self Regulation of its members and adherance to the rule of Law.

Assist its members to realize their potential in providing services to the community, improving social economical status.

Champion the Kenyan Society in pursuit of sustainable development goals and a just equitable society regardless of Gender,
race, nationality, religious background or other inclination.

Our vision is the role of galvanizing the development sector, strengthening of the voluntary sector for promotion of organized civic action.

To promote collective civil society action based on mutual understanding, respect and knowledge

Providing proactive leadership in policy of National issues and lobby to the government for
enabling legislation and good governance without Political interferences.

Review and Validation of NGO COUNCIL Rules and Regulations.

Mapping of all NGOs in the country for effective monitoring and evaluation.

Facilitation of Donor Linkages with the NGO Council and its Members.