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The National Council of NGOs

NGOs Council.

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Our Vision

To create a credible and effective non-governmental sector in Kenya.

NGOs Council

Popularly known as the NGO Council is a statutory non-profit, non- political body established
under section 23 of NGO coordination Act 1990 as umbrella body of all organizations
registered under this Act as well as the official voice of the civil society sector in Kenya.

With growing membership of over 12,000, the council is mandated to promote self-regulation and capacity development
of the sector as well as strengthening the civil society in national
development matters. It has effectively played its role for over 27years.

The council has provided a platform for NGOs and other civil society organizations
to effectively engage the government,development partners and other key stakeholders.
The sector is identified as a key driver of National transformation in the National vision 2030.

Our Mission

To enhance the role of the non-governmental organisations in Nation Building by providing transformative
leadership that safeguards and strengthens voluntary actions.